“I can tell you that [Jeff] is not merely intelligent but mentally quick, and has a sunny, engaging personality.”
-Dan Hagen: Freelance writer and former University Instructor.

Hey there, my name is Jeff Coy. I’m a current graduate student studying New Media Journalism. After graduating, I plan to start a career as a freelance writer. On my free time, I enjoy reading Stephen King novels and catching a good film at a local movie theater. I also work in a team as a Social Media Advisor, handling any tweets mentioning Spotify. After receiving my bachelors degree at Eastern Illinois University, I worked in my family’s electrical business for a year. I also sold advertisements to different lines of business on the side. During this time, I realized my work was more geared towards a business background and was getting me nowhere towards what I wanted out of life. I then started graduate school at Full Sail University to study journalism. 

I discovered my love for exploring at an early age. I wanted to travel and uncover “secrets” as my six-year-old self put it. I was always obsessed with research and meeting new people. Unfortunately, I didn’t make this connection to journalism until my later days in college. My first published story was with the Western Courier during my fourth year as an undergrad. The article carried many emotions as it covered the deaths of various students that same year. I was humbled by the friends and family members willing to speak with me about their loses. This forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and create something beautiful. I hope to continue this journey and improve my skills as a story teller. I’ll cover different human interest topics and aim to cover the truth. I’m also willing to write any story requested on this blog. I’ll use this blog to improve as a journalist and a writer. In my course work, I’ll strive to improve my multimedia abilities and share this work on my blog. Feel free to reach me at jeffery.r.coy@gmail.com for any questions. 

-Jeff Coy